Zero-emission Construction

Green machines are entering the construction industry at full speed, and demands from the state and municipalities are forcing the industry to invest in electrical machines. Electrification is a key driver for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the world's cities. Norwegian municipalities, led by Oslo Municipality, now require emission-free construction sites. Oslo's goal is zero emissions at all construction sites by 2025, and this means that the industry has 4 years to go.

Today, contractors and owners of heavier vehicles invest heavily in electric machines, trucks and charging solutions. Efficient and safe charging solutions are a necessary investment to ensure efficient operation of vehicles and machines. There are too few suppliers of electrical machines today, and the demand is unfortunately greater than what can be delivered. In the next few years, there will therefore be a great need for more suppliers who can offer electrical machines.

Nordic Booster has already delivered several large battery solutions for excavators and trucks to make them emission-free. Nordic Booster's detailed expertise and our good suppliers make us your natural choice.

Battery solutions for heavier vehicles for construction, agriculture and mining

The systems that Nordic Booster delivers have unique user-friendliness that surpasses what is possible in diesel models. When using batteries, emissions of exhaust gases are avoided, which means that the products are adapted for indoor use, in mines and tunnels. The working environment is greatly improved by zero emissions and the operation is virtually silent. Electricity is cheap and renewable energy, and you get significantly lower maintenance costs. The systems supplied by Nordic Booster satisfy the requirements for zero emissions at construction sites. Nordic Booster has, among other things, developed and delivered the battery system for the CAT 323F Z Line.

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