Amita Technologies Inc. was founded in the year 2000 and is committed to the production of sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly products. The company is a manufacturer of lithium-ion polymer batteries and they have received over 20 patents as well as UL 1642, ISO 9001: 200 and ISO / TS 169: 2009 certifications.

Since the inception of Amita Technologies Inc, they have maintained the philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling. They are committed to continued waste reduction in the production process, resource recovery and reuse of products. This not only helps reduce environmental pollution, but it also promotes a greener energy industry.

Indoor Battery Solutions

Amita Tech. battery system is easy to install and it is perfect for installation inside a container or in an industrial room. All components can be easily placed in an industrial rack. This standardized solution makes the system both user-friendly and cost-effective

System Integration

The battery system can be easily installed by connecting the power cables from the BCU directly to an AC / DC or DC / DC converter. It can also be connected directly to a DC bus. If there are several strings so that you need more PDUs (BCUs), you connect these in parallel and to a common bus.

The communication is handled by the Master BMS (MBMS) component which ensures that all strings talk to each other and to the rest of the system. MBMS communicates with the external system via a CAN bus.


The battery module is made up of 28 battery cells with the configuration 14S2P. This gives a capacity of 4.81 kWh for NMC. The nominal voltage on the modules is 51.1 Vdc for NMC. The total weight is 36.5 kg. Each battery module has temperature sensors and voltage sensors as safety features.

Battery Control Unit (BCU)

Amitas HV box / BCU includes battery management system (BMS) and relays for data transfer and protection functions for each branch. The protection functions provide detailed protection parameters, overcharge and discharge protection, temperature protection during charging and discharging and protection at low temperatures. The functions also protect the balancing function, the data transfer and the battery system itself.


  • Very affordable alternative compared to other quality battery suppliers for industry

  • Standard modules in standard industrial rack - easy to assemble

  • High battery life. Minimum 5000 cycles @ 80% DoD, 1C charge / discharge, 70% EOL

  • Low impedance and thus low heat generation

  • Low self-discharge speed

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