BoostCharger is a utility-scale battery combined with a high power charging system with multiple CCS-cables for simultaneous charging

It’s purpose is to replace fossil fueled generators and on-site transformers by facilitating the efficient charging of larger electric vehicles and machinery in areas where adequate power is not available.

Multi-interfaced charging station for universal charging and power supply.

Reducing peak loads resulting in a lower cost for the power connection.


Technical Information

Battery Capacity

Up to 1000kWh


Up to 10 years

Output Power

Up to 300kW

Temp. Mgmt.

-20 to 50°C

Safety Features

BoostCharger is delivered with state-of-the-art safety features to achieve the highest safety standards.

The container is completely encapsulated to prevent dust from reaching the power electronics.

An integrated air-conditioning system maintains a safe operating temperature for all battery cells with active monitoring of individual battery cell temperature.

Insulated with special flame retardant and fire-stopping El60 insulation, and active fire/gas detection and notification system.


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