Battery - Fast Charging - Mobile

BoostCharger is a reusable, mobile, containerized battery energy storage and fast charging solution with a utility-scale battery capacity of 390kWh and two 150kW fast charging CCS-2 cables.

BoostCharger provides enough capacity and power to recharge two large electric machines, simultaneously. Reducing charging times to less than one hour.

Furthermore, the CCS-2 interphase enables fast charging of all types of electric vehicles and machinery.

Benefits of using the BoostCharger

Eliminates the need for installing a transformer on site.

Encased in a standard-sized container and can be quickly installed at any construction site on short notice.

Peak loads towards the grid are eliminated resulting in a lower cost for the power connection.

Reduces charging times from 4h down to 0.5-1h.

A backup supply so machines can still be charged if the grid is down.

Multi-interfaced charging station, for universal charging.

Safety Features

BoostCharger is delivered with state-of-the-art safety features to achieve the highest safety standards.

The container is completely encapsulated to prevent dust from reaching the power electronics.

An integrated air-conditioning system maintains a safe operating temperature for all battery cells with active monitoring of individual battery cell temperature.

Insulated with special flame retardant and fire-stopping El60 insulation, and active gas detection and notification system.

Customizable Human-Machine Interface and Monitoring System

Grid Requirements (Charge)

3-phase 50Hz, TN and IT

400/230 VAC, 63/125 A

Power: 43/86kW

Battery System

Lithium NMC battery cells

Capacity: 390kWh

Available Power: 390kW

Cycles: >6000 at 100% DoD


400 VAC: 63/125/250 A

230 VAC: 63 A

200-920 VDC: 2 CCS-2 Interface max 150kW each.


Temp. range: -20 to 50 C

EI60 insulation

Gas detection.

Standard Container size

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