Agile - Battery - Power - Fast Charging

HummingBird is a compact battery energy storage and fast charging solution tailored for larger and dynamic construction sites.

HummingBird is delivered on a trailer to be able to bring the charger to the machine.

HummingBird is delivered with a 192kWh battery capacity and one 150kW fast charger with a CCS-2 interface.

Benefits of using the HummingBird

Eliminates the need for installing a transformer on site.

High internal mobility on construction sites.

Peak loads towards the grid are eliminated resulting in a lower cost for the power connection.

Reduces charging times from 4h down to 0.5-1h.

A backup supply so machines can still be charged if the grid is down.

Multi-interfaced charging station, for universal charging.

Customizable Human-Machine Interface and Monitoring System