Construction Sector

Zero-emission construction machines are entering the construction industry at full speed, and demands from the state and municipalities are forcing the industry to invest in electrical machines. This will demand too much from the existing power grid and it will result in higher costs for the contractors. Mobile chargers with enough power to quickly charge heavier vehicles and machines will solve this challenge for the industry.

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Foto: GeirStokkeland

Marine Sector

In cities, small towns, and remote areas, ferry traffic is a large part of the daily infrastructure. Cruise traffic is constantly expanding and more people are investing in private yachts. Environmental requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, and it is important to reduce emissions that affect climate, air, and water quality. By investing in electrical or hybrid solutions, you will reduce emissions to little or nothing.

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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Norway has ambitious goals for the introduction of zero-emission vehicles as a means of achieving the goal of reduced CO2 emissions by 2030. By 2025, all new light vans will be zero-emission vehicles, and by 2030, all new heavy vans and 50% of new heavy goods vehicles will have zero emissions.

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