Zero-Emission Construction

Electric earthmoving and construction machines are entering the construction industry at full speed as part of an effort to reduce emissions.

Electrification is the main driver for eliminating local greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution at the construction site, significantly improving the working environment. In addition, electric engines are more efficient and require less maintenance. However, efficient and safe charging solutions are a necessary investment to ensure efficient operation of any electric vehicle or machine by reducing charging times from multiple hours to less than one hour. Our mobile chargers are the natural choice to enable efficient and emission-free construction.

Electrification Experience

Nordic Booster was part of the team who developed the first line of commercial electric excavators (CAT 323F Z-Line).

Since then we have developed and integrated several battery solutions for excavators and trucks to make them emission-free. Our unique battery solutions enable efficient use of the machines without having to adapt the operation. This unique knowledge makes Nordic Booster a key partner in electrification.

Mobility and Accessibility

Our products are designed to enable zero-emission construction in areas that lack adequate power infrastructure.

They are delivered on registrered trailers or in ISO standard containers to bring the charging infrastructure to the machines. In addition, our products are adapted for indoor use in mines and tunnels by eliminating local emissions and reducing noise pollution to a minimum.

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