Marine Sector

Today, there is a large-scale degree of electrification in coastal transport, especially in ferry transport, speedboats and offshore vessels. This is also absolutely necessary if Norway is to achieve the goal of a 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Most ship plants with batteries today are hybrid plants that combine diesel engines and batteries. The clear tendency is that the diesel engines become smaller in size and use less running hours. This development will continue, where the ultimate goal is completely emission-free ship facilities.

The battery systems on board ships are becoming increasingly larger in use, when more energy-intensive operations are to be carried out. This helps to keep the engine speed more stable, and thus you get a lower fuel consumption and lower emissions to air of CO2, NOx and particles. There is also a trend towards plug-in hybrid vessels, where ships can charge their batteries in port and from generators on board. Thus, they can sail emission-free out of ports and densely populated areas before the diesel engines are started.

Nordic Booster is a leading supplier of various battery solutions. We supply battery systems with class approval, but also cheaper variants with the same performance without class approval, where this can be used. Nordic Booster also supplies complete electrical systems with the batteries that cover frequency converters, transformers, switchboards and energy management.

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