Large Electric Vehicle Charging

Sale of electric trucks and buses have exploded in Norway since 2020. There will be between 4000 and 5600 electric trucks by 2025. This will result in a demand for between 1600 and 2200 purpose-built charging spots. We estimate that 10% of these will be mobile. Our products have already been proven to work with most large vehicles for efficient charging.


Nordic Booster has delivered several large battery solutions for electrical construction machines. Through these projects, we have gained a leading competence in integration, operation, and charging of battery solutions.

In collaboration with several of our partners, we deliver integrated battery solutions with the highest fire safety in the market. The energy density is extremely high, and we can implement large battery systems in small volumes in existing vehicles. The solutions must include complete solutions for optimal temperature control and we supply systems with cooling and heating of the batteries so that they are always operated optimally.

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