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Zero-Emission Construction Sites

Nordic Booster has been part of developing the first line of battery-powered excavators,  and our mobile chargers are an excellent choice for enabling efficient, safe, and emission-free construction sites.


Large Electric Vehicle Charging

Nordic Booster has delivered and integrated battery packs for electric buses and long-haul trucks. Our mobile chargers are used to efficiently charge both buses and trucks, and can optimize routes and provide emergency charging.


Battery Packs

Nordic Booster has delivered and integrated battery packs for excavators, electric buses, and long-haul trucks. Our experience and exclusive agency with multiple battery suppliers from around the world makes Nordic Booster an important partner in any electrification project. 


Grid Support

Our battery-powered products can be used to support and maintain the grid in areas that experience congestion or lack of flexibility. They can provide continuous energy supply from fluctuating renewable energy sources by supplying energy as renewable generation drops.

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