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About Us

Our Vision is to empower the remaining fossil fuel based industries to make the transition to sustainable solutions.

Therefore, our mission is to develop safe, reliable, and intelligent industry products that increase the efficient operation of electric alternatives. All our products have been developed to solve problems that have been identified together with our progressive industry partners. We stay involved with our customers to make sure our products fulfill this mission.


Expert Team

The employees at Nordic Booster are experts in their field and form a powerful team who are able to handle any engineering challenge at our factory in Norway.

Our team consists of electro, mechanical, automation, and cybernetic engineers, together with full stack developers, PLC programmers, and industry electricians. The management team has more than 25-years management experience in fossil fuel based industries that have had to make the transition to electric solutions. Therefore, we know the challenges and how to solve them.

Since 2019

Our products have been designed and tested thoroughly since 2019. We have continuously proved to our customers that we can create industry solutions for charging most types of electric vehicles. Together with our world-renowned battery suppliers, we offer compact solutions with high fire safety, long life, and custom integration. We are also a battery supplier for heavy vehicles, and industrial products.

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