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A customizable mobile fast charger which can charge most types of electric vehicles and machines.

BoostPoints are delivered with up to 3 CCS-cables with up to 300kW of output power and 150-920 VDC. A mobile solution for non-permanent sites where the power connection is sufficient. Built to handle transportation and movement within a construction site, and can be delivered on trailer for higher mobility.

Tailored to your needs with up to:

cables       300kWx3     10years

CCS-Charging                    Cable Power                           Design Lifetime 



The Boostpoint can be delivered in a standard 10-foot container or it can be encapsuled in a custom lightweight container to ensure that the total weight with trailer does not exceed 1.400kg. This enables transportation with most cars that have a trailer hitch.


BoostPoint is tailored to your needs. Units have previously been implemented to charge buses and trucks at transportation companies depots, and on construction sites to charge larger electric machines. It can be used in combination with Nordic Booster's PowerBank when the available power connection is not sufficient.

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