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A utility-scale battery combined with a high-power charging system for simultaneous charging. 

Its purpose is to replace fossil-fueled generators and on-site transformers, facilitating the efficient charging of larger electric vehicles and machinery in areas where adequate power is not available. It can operate as stand-alone or while grid connected.

Tailored to your needs with up to:

1000kWh       300kWx2     10years

Battery Capacity                     Cable Power                         Design Lifetime


The container is airtight to prevent dust from reaching the power electronics,  insulated with special flame retardant and fire-stopping El60 insulation. In addition, an active fire/gas detection, notification and ventilation system comes standard. 

An integrated air-conditioning system maintains a safe operating temperature for all battery cells with active monitoring of individual battery cells' temperature. Certificates include: NEK400, UN38.3, IEC62619, and  IEC61000. Meeting the highest level of certification required for electrical, mechanical, and fire safety.

veldig bra.JPG


BoostCharger is encapsulated in an ISO standard 20-foot container. This makes BoostCharger able to be transported on standard freight trucks. 

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