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Electric Heavy Transport


Depot charging

As increasingly large electric vehicles enter the transport and logistics market, the need for high-power charging has skyrocketed.

Our mobile chargers offer powerful charging and can be used both as permanent and temporary charging stations, reducing the investment risk associated with fixed installation costs.

Our chargers already deliver more than 1 MWh daily for heavy transport, and they can achieve a return on investment in less than five years.

En route charging

Our mobile chargers can be easily transported and installed wherever the need arises, whether along the road, in rural areas, or at temporary locations.


This mobility ensures that electric vehicles can be charged during the journey, which extends the range and reduces "range anxiety" among drivers.


Remote control

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Digital Monitoring

The chargers automatically connect to our fleet management system for remote control, data analysis, optimization and report generation.

The fleet management system gives you the opportunity to manage all your chargers via the cloud.

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