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Emission-free construction site


Eliminate local emissions and noise pollution

High-power charging is required to significantly reduce the charging time and achieve efficient operation of electrical construction machinery.

Our mobile chargers are designed to enable efficient, safe and emission-free charging with high power, anywhere and anytime.


Since we developed the first mobile charging station for construction, we have built up solid experience with charging the vast majority of electric construction machines on the market.


At the beginning of 2021, Asker municipality, Aneo Build and Nordic Booster started a pilot project for an emission-free construction site.


The project cut approximately 130 tonnes of CO2 equivalents and proved the economic viability of this business model.



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Digital Monitoring

We have developed a fleet management system that keeps track of the construction project with remote control, data analysis, optimization and report generation.

The fleet management system gives you the opportunity to manage all your chargers via the internet.

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