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Nordic Booster

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After supplying batteries for the world's first series production of electric excavators, we realized a crucial challenge: high-power charging was not available where the machines were to operate. This motivated us to develop the world's first mobile fast charging station. The rest is history.


Our vision is to be the leading promoter of the transition to sustainable and innovative solutions in the remaining fossil fuel-dependent industries. We want to contribute to a future where electrical alternatives are not just a replacement, but an improvement on current industrial practices. Through our expertise and commitment to safety, reliability and intelligence, we seek to shape a landscape where electrification is not just an ideal, but a reality for all industries we touch.



Our mission is to drive innovation in the development of mobile and battery-powered charging stations, especially adapted to the demanding needs of larger electric vehicles. We are committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable future by providing reliable, flexible and efficient charging solutions that increase the uptime and productivity of electric alternatives. Through our dedication to quality, safety and innovation, we strive to be a reliable partner for our customers and a driver of change within the electrification of the transport sector.

Made in Norway


We take a holistic approach to the development of our products where we design and develop chargers from the ground up, which includes everything from mechanical design and PLC coding to software development. This comprehensive process ensures that every aspect of the products is carefully considered and tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Our product development is linked to several academic environments to promote technological innovation and quality.



Our chargers are made up of both tailor-made components, which have been developed in collaboration with Norwegian suppliers, and modification and adjustment of standard components to meet specific requirements from our customers.

After the parts have been manufactured and adapted, assembly by our technicians follows.

We have developed advanced tools and techniques to carry out assembly and quality assurance. This ensures safe and efficient production and delivery capability.

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