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Remote control

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Boost Connect

We have developed an advanced top-of-the-line charging infrastructure management system, designed to give users complete overview and control of their chargers.

Boost Connect is a cloud-based platform, protected against unauthorized access, which ensures that data is available historically and in real time.

With a focus on ease of use, the system is designed to be intuitive and accessible from various devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers.


Boost Connect helps you keep track of the location and operating status of each individual charger in real time. You also have the opportunity to see historical locations and use geofence for a project-based overview.

The user can easily tailor their own dashboards to display the most relevant information for their specific needs.


Charging overview


Data analysis

Boost Connect offers a powerful data analysis tool that collects and analyzes data from all connected chargers.

All charging sessions are carefully logged. This includes information on duration, effect, and amount of energy used per charge.

The system can automatically generate detailed reports based on collected data. These reports can include performance analysis, CO2 accounting, and cost estimates.

Reports can be customized to meet management requirements or to comply with regulatory requirements.



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